REVPAR International, Inc. is a full-service advisory and asset management firm exclusively dedicated to the hospitality and tourism industries. Established in 1992, REVPAR has 25 years of successful service to its well developed and diversified client base who are major stakeholders and investors in hospitality and tourism assets throughout the world. 


Given our long tenure in the industry, REVPAR has become one of the industry's best-known and most respected advisory and asset management firms, offering unparalleled sector expertise in light of our broad industry network and global reach. Our extensive knowledge of both domestic and international markets evolves from the REVPAR team’s successful completion of thousands of projects the world over including the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.


REVPAR's informed advice, strategies and incisiveness are highly regarded and respected by our clients, including industry leaders and investors, global institutions, real estate and hotel developers, hotel brands, and active and passive equity investors.


The REVPAR methodology views each engagement through a wide lens, then uses market and financial research, both internal and external, to support each conclusion. Proprietary software models developed and honed over the years enable REVPAR consultants to assess site, market and financial conditions impacting an asset from all angles and subsequently form incisive, well-supported opinions, strategies and advice. Every engagement is led and executed by senior hospitality real estate professionals who have educational backgrounds in the industry and/or have come up through hotel operations, asset management, development, and/or acquisition – providing the two key ingredients - intellectual formation and on-the-job experience - that are brought to bear on each and every one of our assignments. These collectively equates to over 100 years of practical experience in the hospitality field, inclusive of "hands on" managerial operational experience with various international hotel chains.


Simply put, as advisors and asset managers, we are well-seasoned veterans in all aspects of hospitality and tourism consulting. In addition, we are active in and possess in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry and have strategically located offices in Washington, D.C., Miami, and Denver.


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