All of the services offered by REVPAR International are customized and tailored to the needs of each client and situation; as such, the description of our services serves more as a broad overview of how we can assist on your next project rather than a definitive course of action.


Acquisition Due Diligence
We undertake market research and financial analysis to evaluate the reasonableness of the operating assumptions and market and financial projections as relates to the acquisition. Any suggested alternatives or changes to be made to your analysis and evaluation will be included, along with any major risk factors to be considered.


Appraisals & Valuation Studies
Specializing in appraising and valuing hospitality real property as an exclusive discipline, we provide you with a high quality custom appraisal with the most accurate and reasonable estimation of the asset's market value based on the three traditional and applicable approaches to value - income capitalization, sales comparison, and/or cost approach methods. These are not commoditized products but realistic and informed valuations based on market and financial research.


Asset Management
As a true advocate for ownership's financial interests, we ensure that you are obtaining optimal performance from your hospitality investment(s), the management company is growing revenue and flowing profit, and the interests between you and the management company remain aligned, in an effort to maximize the value of the asset(s). We customize our approach to your objectives and the needs and unique operating situation of each hotel asset(s).


Brand Selection & Negotiation
Selection of a brand is a critical and key element to optimizing return on investment on any project. It is often times the primary value driver of a hotel asset. It is also crucial to minimizing market and financial risk. We have long term relationships with the various hotel brands and can easily inquire and establish their level of interest in your hotel project. Based on our deep knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual brands, along with their cost and fee structures, support capability, growth strategy and sensitivity to the long term financial objectives of existing franchisees, we provide significant value to any investor seeking our opinion as to the best branding opportunity available. In addition, we can review any pertinent agreements/contracts and provide you with a summary of any business and economic-related issues (versus legal) that we believe need to be discussed, analyzed, negotiated, or considered prior to execution.


Critical Asset Review
We undertake a critical review of the physical and operational aspects of your asset, along with its competitive market, and then provide some visibility relative to the near term financial operating performance of the asset over the next 2 to 3 years, including any capital expenditure requirements.


Development Services
From developing a concept into a strategy to implementing the plan and ensuring satisfactory results are achieved, our goal is to work with you to develop a clear path to achieving your objectives. Our multitude of relationships fostered throughout the industry over our 20+ years of service afford you quick and direct access to the best of the many service providers in our industry, allowing for an experienced, informed, smooth and coordinated process from feasibility through all phases of development or acquisition, including architect and design, branding, operator and legal.


Economic Impact Analysis
We evaluate the direct and indirect monetary benefits that can accrue to an area from the development of a project. We also estimate the real estate, rooms, and food and beverage taxes associated with this project, as well as provide estimates as to the indirect benefits and spin-off that will result from the development of the proposed hotel.


Estimating Development Costs
We prepare a preliminary development cost estimate derived from our knowledge of the industry and comparable construction costs of similar projects to compare against project financial operating performance and valuations to establish whether the cost to develop is at least equal to the estimated going concern value.


Evaluate Ownership/Management Options
We evaluate the various development/ownership business platforms available and address which is most appropriate for your situation, including holding period and exit strategy. As part of this effort, we evaluate whether or not your hotel project should be affiliated and managed by a national franchise hotel company or a third-party hotel operator that separately secures a franchise agreement.


Facilities Planning
We review your facility requirements and planning criteria so that your proposed project will be responsive to market conditions and at the same time maximize its revenue generating and profit potential. We also work with your project architects in the planning and design phase to identify and recommend potential alternatives prior to actual construction of your facility.


Feasibility Studies (Market & Financial)
We establish market support for your project to include supply and demand estimates, facility recommendations and brand affiliation, and occupancy and revenue projections for the specific project. In addition, we undertake a financial analysis, which will include operating pro-formas, as well as a preliminary valuation estimate.


Impact Studies
We identify the potential base and/or incremental impact on your asset's future revenue performance and pricing assuming the development of a new or converted asset of the same kind in the defined market area.


Litigation Support & Expert Witness
Given our many years of experience and exposure to a broad spectrum of so many different operating and development situations across the globe, we can provide comprehensive litigation support for arbitration, mediation, case and trial issues including assistance in the interpretation of terms, preparation of research, and documenting of reports. In addition, we can serve as an expert witness on any number and variety of hospitality-related issues, including market and financial performance, management contracts, franchise agreements, business valuations, and the purchase and sale of hospitality and real estate properties, among others.


Operational Reviews
We determine whether the profitability of your asset is being maximized by current management and/or can be enhanced and the degree and means to do so. In addition, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of and opportunities and threats (SWOT) to your asset and recommend alternative approaches that may prove more profitable, economical, and/or manageable.


Operator Selection & Negotiation/Technical Services Agreements
Proper selection of a hotel management company based on ownership objectives, as well as market and facility conditions, are critical and key elements in optimizing return on investment on any asset. Well-honed negotiation skills on commercial contract and economic terms are equally important. Our proven approach has led REVPAR's ongoing success in Operator Selection for our broad clientele. We review any of the pertinent agreements/contracts and provide you with a summary of those business and economic issues (versus legal) that we believe need to be discussed, analyzed, negotiated, or considered prior to execution.


Owner's Representative & Project Management
We represent the Owner in the overall development of your hotel, from initial design and permitting, through opening of the new facility. This can include assistance in structuring, negotiating and arranging financing for the hotel project to supervising, monitoring, coordinating and reviewing the construction of the project or other areas as may be required to accomplish the objectives to develop and complete the hotel project within the specified time frame on budget.


Repositioning Studies
Maximize potential operating and financial performance and ultimately enhance the value of your asset by allowing us to assist you in identifying an appropriate repositioning of your facility. A cost benefit analysis is typically prepared whereby projections of operating performance and financial results are developed under alternative scenarios and tested against a base case to establish the highest return and most appropriate course of action based on market and financial research and study findings.


Restaurant/Food & Beverage
Customized services include market feasibility studies, operational reviews, revenue and cost control reviews, concept menu (re)design and development, management/franchise selection and negotiation, site selection, location analysis and lease negotiation, repositioning studies, facility planning and recommendations, and strategic recommendations.


Site Selection & Analysis
We assist you in analyzing multiple sites by evaluating numerous factors that impact the success of a hotel at each location, ultimately determining which site possesses the most attributes relative to the proposed development through the use of our proprietary site matrix model.


Strategic Planning & Investment Analysis
Our approach to strategic planning involves extensive analysis of the market, development of alternative strategies, evaluation of each strategy (to include an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages; the level of required capital investment; potential return and associated risk; and the degree to which your objectives and capabilities are met), selection of a course of action, and plan for implementation. It also includes an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.




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