Distressed Asset Services

REVPAR International Can Assist You

REVPAR International provides ongoing advisory services to numerous corporations relative to their existing hotels.

Our advisory services are customized to address each client’s unique hotel(s) and specific needs and have included the following:

  • Hotel Receivership
  • Asset Management
  • Valuation/Appraisal
  • Sourcing Rescue Capital
  • Acquisition, Disposition, and Analyses
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Negotiation & Settlement with Lenders, Brands, Operators, Vendors
  • Stay Open/Close; Re-open Analyses
  • Breakeven Analyses
  • Sales/Marketing and Revenue Management Post COVID-19
  • Forecasting Future Performance Under Alternative Strategies
  • CapEx Funding and Management
  • Ensuring Proper Sanitation and Employee/Guest Protocols
  • Rightsizing Labor Model in a Post COVID-19 Economy


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