Why REVPAR International?

Client-Focused Approach

REVPAR International’s leadership remains involved at all levels of every project.  Our clients appreciate this high level of experience brought to their projects, the incisiveness of our advice, and the direct access to senior leadership.


Our Level of Research

We undertake detailed research including on-site research and direct interviews with area hotels and local firms to learn firsthand about the market and obtain historical operating data.



We are completely independent and conflict-free, which assures that our recommendations and advice are unbiased, objective, and not influenced by any investment relationships we have with the brands or other operators and owners, or other internal or external businesses under our influence or control. 


Established and Positive Relationships with Hotel Brands and Others

We remain current on a real-time basis about the most pertinent aspects of the industry, brands, operations, transactions, etc. by maintaining ongoing positive relationships with senior-level executives of the various brands, management companies/operators, hotel equity and debt funds, brokers, lenders, and other market and industry participants. 


Active in the Hospitality Industry

The professionals of REVPAR International attend, participate, and speak at prominent conferences.  We are members of HAMA (Hotel Asset Managers Association); ULI (Urban Land Institute); and ISHC (International Society of Hospitality Consultants), to name a few. 


Extensive Database of Statistics

During our 30+ years of operation, we have compiled operating statistics and other information on thousands of markets, transactions, and assets.  This database can be accessed throughout the assignment, and can be used for benchmarking individual and portfolio performance against a comparable set. 


High Level of Repeat Clientele

Well over 60 percent of the work we do is for recurring clients, underscoring the high quality of our work and its usefulness in both assisting the developer in bringing the project to fruition and reflecting realistic projections.


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